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Tennis apparel and footwear aside from racquets is your second most important part of your tennis equipment? For instance, did you know that the pros use special shoes for each surface? For instance, they use specially made grass court shoes for Wimbledon. On the soles, these shoes have small rubber studs, which give great traction. They've been around since the late seventies, when Borg used them to win his first Wimbledon.

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Your clothing and tennis apparel can make a big difference. How about those shirts that get so heavy with sweat, you feel as though you're carrying around a 5lb weight on your back? You know what...you may as well be. Or how about those badly cut shorts that make you feel as though you're in some sort of strait jacket when you move to the ball? Doesn't that just drive you nuts?!

Every player knows that playing with new balls is the preferred choice. I grew up playing with Slazenger Balls, but soon became familiar with all the other major brands, including Penn, Wilson, Prince, Dunlop and Gamma.

Even minor accessories like sweatbands and sunglasses specially made for tennis can make a difference to your game. Have you ever lost a big point because your hand was so sweaty you couldn't hold the racquet properly?

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