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My Tennis And Business development quest started in a very naive manner but ended up with the best decision. Here is the story:

My First Web Tennis And Business Building Experiences

tennis and businessIt all started in September 2009 when I decided that I want to share my knowledge about tennis with more people. I knew alot about tennis and i had been an excellent player myself. I just wanted to share it with the world. I could not do it in the tennis court, as i could find 3 or 4 people there. i wanted to guide and help a bigger audience.

It seemed such a waste of my experience. I realized internet offers a fantastic possibility of sharing information.

After making a little research myself and talking to IT geniuses, they recommended me a few websites for web development. I didn't even dream that I could do it my self (as I am doing it now…)

After a huge research and review, i chose bluehost.com as web development and hosting platform. After a few months of hosting i realized that i am wasting my money alot. It was just giving me web hosting for 5 dollars per month. What about search engine optimization, newsletter services, rss/blog it services and web business development tools.

A normal SEO company costs many many dollars just for search engine optimization of your site. And still they use wrong techniques for that not much appreciated by search engines.

Many Websites Are Charging Hundreds Of Dollars Simply For Directory Submissions

Final Right Decision Of Excellent Successfull Tennis And Business Development

tennis and businessAnd then came the decision time and the best thing that could ever happen to me in life. I learnt from a few resources that sitesell.com has helped many surfers build successfull online business by providing all the complete set of tools and guidance also. I decided to choose this for improving my tennis and business together. I chose it because:

* The services are offered at very economical price.

* Sitesell offers all the tools and services necessary to build a very advanced successfull business and by all i mean all.

* It provides guidance and reviews in the best manner using multimedia facilities.

I can assure one thing about sitesell.com

If you follow all the guides and steps properly, your business and passion is sure to succeed

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Tennis And Business

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Tennis And Business

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